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Speedhub Members:
different people,
linked by shared values

Institutions, organizations, companies: there are several sources that participate in the Speedhub project. An important variety of contributions that converge in a single objective: to develop the entrepreneurial and economic system making link between industries and the digital innovation to improve their competitiveness.

Profiles of our members:

Founder member
Confindustria Verona is a local association part of the national system of Confindustria, the General Confederation of the Italian Industry. It represents 2.063 member companies for a total of 63.099 employees. In the ranking system it is 5th for number of companies.

Participating members
They can provide professional and managerial skills in line with the activities of the DIH: several ideas, design capabilities, financial resources to give value and results to the project.

Institutional members
Their financial and/or institutional contribution supports the project and allows it to achieve the objectives of the DIH. This category also includes other territorial associations of the Confindustria System that are present in the provinces located in the geo-economic area of Brenner: Bolzano, Trento, Mantova.

Supporting members
Among the participating and institutional members, they are those who support the DIH with a significant financial contribution.

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