Rivelo – the Veneto regional innovation network for logitics


Resolution no. 381 of 2 April 2019 recognised the RIVELO Regional Innovation Network. The aim of the initiative is to promote continuous monitoring of the development of international standards on technologies related to transport and logistic systems. It creates an integrated system that brings together companies, organisations and universities capable of optimising industrial processes and supply chain logistics by improving the flow of materials and information – not only within companies, but also between businesses and external entities. The initiative focusses on four themes: logistics and 4.0 (collaborative transport systems, big data management, customised services, ICT systems), logistics and supply chain (plurality of distribution channels, intermodality, reuse of reusable components, rationalising flows), logistics and eco-sustainability (alternative systems of low-impact forms of transport, circular economy, alternative power systems), logistics and training to facilitate the relationship between strategic players involved in the logistics chain (team of experts, universities, Higher Technical Institutes). The network structure includes 30 subjects comprising 16 small businesses, 5 medium businesses, 3 large businesses, 2 foundations (the Speedhub Foundation and the Fondazione ITS Last Technical Institute), 2 consortia representing trade associations, 2 representative university departments (Department of Business Economics of the University of Verona and the Department of Technique and Management of Industrial Systems of the University of Padua).


Regione Veneto


Consorzio Rivelo


Università di Verona, Università di Padova. Logistics, transport, manufacturing, and IT companies



Fondazione Speedhub

Piazza Cittadella 12 - 37122 Verona - Italia
C.F. 93274940233

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