Fostering a digital mindset for managing people and processes in the manufacturing sector


The project arises from the need of partner companies to enhance the digital mindset of female workers, meaning encouraging a new mental model, which is more open to and capable of seizing the opportunities offered by digital transformation. This is seen as essential to be able to maintain competitiveness within the labour market and facilitate business development. The cultural change that working women can bring in terms of digital innovation of business processes can be considered a driving force for the economic development of the entire Veneto region. This project aims to help address the still sensitive issue of the gender gap by developing training interventions at partner companies on issues related to the adoption of digital technologies in business processes and helping to empower female workers.


Regione Veneto




Speedhub, Ordine degli Architetti, Esev-Cpt, Università di Verona, Rete Riav, Comune di Verona, CCIAA Verona, Asdai, Ordine degli Ingegneri, Coverfil, SIAV


111.499 euro



Fondazione Speedhub

Piazza Cittadella 12 - 37122 Verona - Italia
C.F. 93274940233

Telephone: +39 045 8099426

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