DIH² - The network that speeds the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in European SMEs


Speedhub is now one of the Digital Innovation Hubs that are members of the DIH² network. The objective of this initiative is to offer support to manufacturing companies, in particular small and medium-sized ones, in the journey of adoption of Artificial Intelligence and robotics solutions in production processes. Through this European network, Speedhub will have access to various experiments, i.e. funded projects that represent successful case histories, the latest technologies developed in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, such as IoT platforms and data visualisation tools, but will also have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming conventions on the EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) agenda. With the aim of accelerating the manufacturing industry, the network will gather input from different European countries to suggest funding programmes to the European Commission, including through the drafting of two policies on robotics and AI.

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European Union-DIH² program




2022 - 2023

Fondazione Speedhub

Piazza Cittadella 12 - 37122 Verona - Italia
C.F. 93274940233

Telephone: +39 045 8099426

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