Industry 4.0: supporting innovation in local businesses through the introduction of new technologies


The aim of this initiative is to facilitate the innovation processes of local businesses by providing them with access to knowledge, opportunities, and high-quality networking in the field of digitalisation. In particular, the actions carried out aim to introduce potential users to a selection of the most interesting new Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, such as AI, data analysis or additive manufacturing. These specialisations are also specifically applied to logistics and supply chain processes, including for the purpose of enhancing and strengthening the unique potential of the territory in the field of logistics and infrastructure. These processes can yield strategic results even for the organisation of a company. If managed using innovation, they have the ability to have a transversal impact across the company, resulting in more market-oriented processes, greater flexibility and more competitive time to market, thus shaping a smart factory model where the processes are interconnected within and along the supply chain and with the local business environment. The project addresses a range of subjects: acquisition of skills, creation of opportunities for networking and matchmaking between companies and technology providers, planning of services, interventions, and seminars.


CCIAA di Verona


Fondazione Speedhub


Department of Computer Science of the University of Verona


100.000 euro



Fondazione Speedhub

Piazza Cittadella 12 - 37122 Verona - Italia
C.F. 93274940233

Telephone: +39 045 8099426

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