Logistics 4.0: the digital revolution of logistics processes


The aim of the initiative is to investigate what the enabling technologies of logistics 4.0 are, the level of knowledge and the degree of adoption of them. The research aims to understand what the main logistical processes impacted by Logistics 4.0 are, and what the main application areas are, the skills required, and the extent to which companies have adapted to these new requirements. Many technologies are investigated: artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, drones & AGVs, cloud, augmented reality, 3D printing, collaborative robotics, blockchain, machine learning/analytics, Internet of Things (IoT). The research focuses on three levels: transport logistics, warehouse logistics and returns logistics. The project is aimed at national and multinational manufacturing companies and logistics service providers.


Laboratorio Rise – Università di Brescia


Laboratorio Rise – Università di Brescia


Fondazione Speedhub



Fondazione Speedhub

Piazza Cittadella 12 - 37122 Verona - Italia
C.F. 93274940233

Telephone: +39 045 8099426

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