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Verona 4.0: how to rethink services for citizens, territory and employment


The project proposal aims to provide the recipients with a vision of the great opportunities that the world 4.0 is able to offer to the job market, services and public administration. In particular IT resources are analyzed in order to verify if they are able to offer maximum flexibility, high scalability and security for:

  • enhancing or designing systems to support new businesses;
  • radically revising its internal organization and its relationship with markets, aiming at excellence, at speed and at the ability to innovate;
  • enabling intelligent processes made possible by digital, with a view towards a continuous improvement;
  • using incoming feedbacks from constantly monitored systems also by crossing different data on real time.
Funding entity

Regione Veneto tramite il Fondo Sociale Europeo (FSE) DGR 1540 del 25.09.2017 "Investire nel cambiamento delle organizzazioni. Nuovi servizi per cittadini, lavoratori e imprese"

Project leader

C.IM.&FORM. Srl, società di formazione di Confindustria Verona


Fondazione Speedhub, Confindustria Verona, ANCE Verona Costruttori Edili, CCIAA Verona, CGIL Verona, CISL Verona, Federmanager Verona/ASDAI, Provincia di Verona, CST UIL Verona.


146.000 euro



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