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The foundations established by banks were born starting from1990, thanks to the Amato law, and their area of intervention is focus on social, cultural, civil and economic development in the territory where they are located. The role of the Foundation in recent periods is focused on projects whose aim is to create employment, social and economic value, paying particular attention to innovative content able to positively affect job creation.

Based on these considerations, Fondazione Cariverona demonstrated interest to Speedhub project whose mission’s aims are in line with the mission of Fondazione Cariverona. This cooperation will contribute to valorize the already implemented projects on industrial logistic with the aim of reinforce them thanks to research, development and innovation projects in line with the National Plan “Industry 4.0”.

Fondazione Cariverona has foreseen in its Multiannual Planning Document to support initiatives related to innovation policies trials, the starting up of long-term projects and the creation of clusters of different players and skills focused on the same objective. All those characteristics are well reflected in Speedhub.

With the support of:

Fondazione Speedhub

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