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The industrial logistics as driver for the development of companies according to the 4.0 model – supply chain assessment 4.0


The aim of the initiative is to strengthen local businesses through targeted intervention on industrial logistics and supply chain processes (supply chain). The economic system in which companies operate presents a degree of interconnection between operators and processes with high competition in terms of efficiency, timing, production flexibility, product customization. In the panorama of the evolution towards digitization and industry 4.0 the project, in order to support companies in their technological upgrade, foresees the development of an assessment tool to carry out an in-depth analysis of the state of companies’ digital maturity in their logistics processes identifiyng areas for improvement. Other activities include collective meetings, workshops, seminars, one-to-one meetings.

Funding entity

CCIAA di Verona

Project leader

Fondazione Speedhub


Alcune Università italiane


60.000 euro



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